Monday, 10 September 2012

Sensible blogging

One of the workshops I attended at the Festival was about blogging, led by Nicola Morgan. Nicola is an author and experienced blogger, who I first came across through her blog Help! I Need A Publisher! Her advice was clear, practical and invaluable, and has led me to rethink my own use of a blog.

Unfortunately, I missed the beginning of the workshop because I was having a one-to-one session with an editor, but I still learned a lot from the half I attended. Some of the main points that I am taking away are these:
  • Have a clear, practical URL - I've gone back to using my name, as it's the simplest and most relevant option.
  • Stick to one subject - my last blog was a mixed bag, but this is going to be about writing and everything connected with writing.
  • Keep it positive and interesting - I'm a fairly upbeat person and whilst I can get a bit depressed and self-deprecating when it comes to my writing, I know nobody wants to read something that will make my depression contagious! They also don't want to read posts that are boring and so mundane that they put people off.
I'll do my best to stick to the last point - feel free to tell me off if I don't!

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