Sunday, 6 October 2013

Age stats of the Empire Top 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

In a change from my usual type of post, I thought I'd stick this up here. I'm always fascinated by ages in films, including how often there's quite a disparity between the ages of male and female leads. As the Empire Top 100 Sexiest Movie Stars list has come out recently, I decided to a bit of statisticating (yes, it's a word now).

*I found all of these ages on IMDb on 6/10/13, and I'm well aware some of them may be inaccurate, as not everyone wants their real date of birth online. Still, I'm working with what I've got. Also, I'm not a statistician or anything, I just worked out some basic averages.

The Top 50 Men

Youngest: Daniel Radcliffe, 24
Oldest: Alan Rickman, 67
Age range: 43 years

Total age of the Top 50 men: 1980 years
Mean age: 39.6 years
Median age: 37.5 years
Mode age: 32 and 36 years

The Top 50 Women
(This posed a slight dilemma, as two of the women on the list are deceased. I chose to use the age they were when they died, rather than the age they would be were they still alive, as I felt that presented the most accurate portrayal of the list.)

Youngest: Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, all of whom are 23
Oldest: Julianne Moore, 52, and Grace Kelly, who was 52 when she died
Age range: 29 years

Total age of the Top 50 women: 1761 years
Mean age: 35.2 years
Median age: 34.5 years
Mode age: 38 years

Without statistics on the people voting, it's not really possible to draw many scientific conclusions - I just worked these out simply out of curiosity. What does anyone else think of these stats?

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  1. The stats certainly make it look like a wider study would be interesting. Just from these numbers, it looks like women get leads more quickly, but are also put out to pasture more quickly. At least three of the four youngest are child stars who managed to transition to adult roles, which might be skewing things down too. Still, it's a bit scary that Princess Grace rounds out the more mature end of the age spectrum for the women, since not only did she pass away, but she quit acting at a relatively young age.